Rhino Tour of March

Sébastien CoRhino is the New Dealer of Parti Rhinoceros of Canada ! He is the best bet for being Prime Minister of Canada in the October 2015 elections. CoRhino is presently touring Canada to show the movie Erection Canada, and to release his Plan 2015-3015 – For the Future of Canada.

Wednesday March 4th – Sherbrooke
Thursday March 5th – Toronto –> Gatineau !
Friday March 6th – PM : Ottawa – Release of Plan 2015-3015 – For the Future of Canada
Friday March 6th – night : Montréal
Saturday March 7th : Québec – Lévis

Visit this website, it’s made for all erectors, erectrices, futur Rhino candidates, medias, members of public, sponsorship, ships shipping ships, kids, etc.

Have fun and stay horny !

2015-01 - Photo 2020photo candidat Guillaume Briand

Rhino Party offers Eve Adams riding of her choice

Toronto – July 26th 2015 – After her unfortunate loss in the Liberal nomination, The Rhino Party offers Eve Adams the riding of her choice in any of Greater Toronto Area ridings.

“We know for sure Eve Adams will win when she is going to face the election. It’s an absolute injustice that neither the Conservatives nor the Liberals have let an actual MP run again ! Furthermore, by having a MP in the Parliament, the Leader’s Debate would have the privilege of featuring the Rhino Leader Sébastien CôRhino for the first time in Canada’s history!”, said an anonymous source in the Rhino Party.

The Supreme Dealer, Sébastien CôRhino, added : “We promise to rig the nomination race in her favor. Eve will be free to choose whatever riding she thinks is the best and we will support her !”

We think that after running for the Conservatives and the Liberals, the only possible next step in Canadian politics is to run for the Rhinoceros Party of Canada.

Rhinoceros Party is presently operating under its Plan 2015-3015 and promises a stable government if elected.

Donovan Eckstrom in Edmonton-Strathcona

Here we go : for the second time in a row, we wish to welcome Donovan Eckstrom in our team !

Here’s what he promises for Edmonton : “My main goal is to make Edmonton exceptional again, we no longer have the biggest mall in the world. So using various schematics: Tower of Power

I believe we can build a mall higher and farther than any tower before us. By 2019 I promise that it will be taller than CN Tower !”

“Furthermore, with regards to Alberta’s Oil Royalty Review, I feel that the federal government has a duty to aid in the review so I promise to get Prince Charles, Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen of England to stop by Alberta and be reviewed quite promptly and efficiently.”

He is gonna defend the colors of the Plan 2015-3015 in Edmonton, please support him ! He was running in 2011 and here’s a press paper about him : http://www.fairviewpost.com/2011/04/27/donovan-eckstrom-rhino-party

Donate to his campaign or become a member here : here.

To Montreal !

Montreal – March 13th 2015 – Sébastien CoRhino, the new Dealer of Rhinoceros Party of Canada, will be exceptionnaly in Montreal this Saturday, March 14th, for interviews with medias.

Sébastien CoRhino play in « Le Grand Groupe Régional d’Improvisation Libérée (GGRIL) » in the show « GGRIL + Jean Derome & Sam Shalabi » at Gesù this Saturday. Fully pregnant and living Rimouski, you won’t have another chance to see CoRhino in Montreal soon !


In Gilles Proulx’s blog : http://www.journaldemontreal.com/2015/03/12/erection-canada

Rhino Tour !

03-enregRhinoceros Party of Canada and it’s new Dealer will be on tour this week ! Make place for theses dates in your schedule :

Wednesday March 4 : Sherbrooke
Thursday March 5 : Toronto
Friday March 6 : Ottawa (PM) and Montreal (night)
Saturday March 7 : Quebec Citee

In the menu : Watching the movie Erection Canada, speech, recruitement of candidates all around Canada !

And we will launch the Plan 2015-3015 in the Parliament on Friday !

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/events/1558862927722224

At Mayor’s house


Le plan Rimouski 2020…


I’ve been at mayor’s house. We were drinking wine and he was showing off his “Plan 2020”, which they pronounce “twenty-twenty”. It looked like a new neighbourhood we’re about to build on the corner of two highways : the 20 and the 20. Yes, we were really high, the high way of saying it. So I told him I was about to be prime minister of Canada, he laughed good but his Directeur Général almost died laughing when he learned I am the Leader of Rhinocéros Party ! ahaha.

So they are expecting my invitation to come home and have dinner at 24 Sussex, don’t disapoint them !

– Séb