At Rhino Party, we don’t have much to sell, but they really worth it. We have the brown envelope, which is full of surprises, and a $500 golden piece. We do not have T-Shirt for this election : we didn’t sold all the golden pieces from the precedent administration! So maybe we’ll print some shirts if you buy enough of theses goodies!

1) Brown envelope (40$)
We can not say what is inside of the brown envelope. If you are a member of the Canadian Syndrom for Industrial Services (CSIS), we can not tell you if we put anything illegal inside the package, but once in every 100 we might. So we suggest you to buy 100 of theses just to make sure. Anyway, it’s just $4000, won’t make a difference on your annual budget!

2) Golden Spatial Piece (500$)

This is no jokes. We are trying to have a picture soon, but it’s still developing.

3) Candidate stuff
This button is for use only for candidates who are buying stuff with an agreement already made with Cacereco, the Director of Science of Democracy (LSD). If we received unattended money by that button, we will have to destroy it (well, we might pee it).

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